Student and MRMS has the same understanding on co-branding terms
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University student and us are discussing about co-branding terms

Enhancing the quality of university student's event and bring them closer to the corporate world.

We believe that university is a great place to grow before students step into the real world via organizing events as one of the best way for them to learn.

Contributing support in student events means a lot to MRMS because that is where MRMS rooted.

Enhancing the quality of university student's event and bring them closer to the corporate world.


How to apply?

We proactively seeks partnerships with appropriate potential strategic partners. However, all organizations are welcome to submit letters of inquiry for consideration. Before submitting an inquiry, please ensure to review our evaluation criteria. Due to the volume of requests that we receive and in order to be considered for a co-branding oppurtunities, applicants are compulsory to submit your request through our portal provided. Click Here *Please be advise that this program is first come first serve basis to every applicants.

How is my co-branding application will be evaluated?

All inquiries will be proceed by MRMS Co-Branding Department and evaluated according to six main criteria shown as below:

  1. Tangible benefits associated with the partnership
  2. Opportunity to create long-term value
  3. Potential for long-term, sustainable partnership or relationship
  4. Ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships
  5. Positive exposure for MRMS brand or products
  6. Reputation of organization, or representative of organization
It is essential to follow these criteria to ensure MRMS establishes a relationship that will mutually benefit between MRMS and the receiving organizations. Application's content and geographic location will be determine whether the proposal suits MRMS's branding and marketing strategies. If your application is determined to be eligible, your organization will be invited to submit more detailed information.

How to determine if my application will not be eligible?

Below are the certain activities and reasons that we are unable to provide our support as they do not meet our corporate co-branding's program goals and strategic objectives:

  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Auto racing or daredevil sports
  • Religious activities
  • Travel expenses consideration
  • General operating expenses
  • Political candidates or organizations

How long will I hear from you guys?

Every application will be reviewed on a regular basis. Your organization should hear from MRMS within two to six weeks. If there is any additional information requests, MRMS Co-Branding Department will contact your organization directly. Applicants should allow a minimum 6 to 12 months between the application and the sponsored event being held hence there is sufficient time for negotiating agreements and allow MRMS to appropriately set plans for our participation.

What is Co-Branding?

Co-Branding is an arrangement that collaborate with a single product,service or event with more than one brand name in order to enchance awareness, resource sharing, endorsement opportunities and many more.

MRMS Co-branding FAQ background
MRMS Co-branding FAQ background
MRMS Co-branding FAQ background