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The pandemic has forced everyone to put all types of precautions in place, but that doesn't mean you can't leave the house and create some fond memories. Every industry, enterprise and venues around the country are being forced to think outside the box when it comes to interacting with their audience with social distancing.

*Yeah, some of us really end up like the dude below*

The most recent innovation solution? Drive-in concept, which has started to fire up as an alternative way to maintain social distancing for your event.

So what is drive-in? Why does this work on this very period?

A drive-in is a facility (such as a restaurant or movie theatre) where one can drive in with an automobile for service. You just have to stay in your car and enjoy all the services. *excluding going to the bathroom of course*

Why this "back to the future" kind of concept work for drive-in?

  • Totally met the social distancing requirements to keep the covid-19 contained

  • It brings back the nostalgia feel of the 80s.

  • Private space for you and your fam.

  • Get comfortable as you please within your car.

Alright, enough with the intro. Here are 5 kinds of events are surprisingly achievable using drive-in.

1.Drive-in Theatre/Cinema

This is a classic and I bet everyone should know about. Drive-in theatre/cinema is already a thing way back. Is a form of cinema structure with a large outdoor movie screen, a concession stand, projection booth/LED screen, and a large parking area for automobiles.

Within this enclosed area, people can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars.

2.Drive-in Concert

Image credit to Loudwire

Yup that's right, Drive-in concerts are a thing now and is booming it's way up at Korea and Western countries. This a creative workaround from standing in a packed of the crowd to see your favourite musician while they performing at a newly-erected concert stage, and attended were able to listen to the concert through an FM radio transmission.

3.Drive-in Entrepreneur Seminar

Image credit to Calvin Khiu 卡尔文.邱

Entrepreneur Seminar are mostly indoor with comfy seats or conducted in web conference. But in drive-in experience? Now that's a thing you don't see that often and this first-ever drive-in entrepreneur seminar is actually happening in Malaysia host by Dato' Dr Calvin Khiu, one of the outstanding entrepreneur mentor in Malaysia partnership with groupmrms as the event management team.

Be sure to stay tuned, this mind-blowing experiencing that no one has ever tried before.

4.Drive-in Wedding

Image credit to Insider

We all know that normal wedding aren't allow at this period of time and is a bummer for every lovely couple that plans to wedding this year. So why not try something unique for this memorable day of yours. Get creative!

You could broadcast the ceremony on venue's huge drive-in movie screen so all of your friends and fam could attend and still social distance. I bet that will be the most lovely "wedding movie" experience for them as well.

5.Drive-in Graduation

Image credit to turlockjournal

To all the graduates and university, worry no more. Instead of receiving e-format certification of your graduation. Make this milestone achievement of yours to a once-in-a-lifetime special moment. And yes! Drive-in is an idea for you

This unique idea involves safety measures and social distancing while at the same time providing attendees with a memorable format, giving the Class of 2020 something to always remember and the experience they deserve.

Those are the 5 events that are able to be held in a drive-in concept instead of always sticking at virtual experiences. Not even the virus can stop our creative ideas floating out.

Oh, by the way, all those ideas above. We could help you make it happen!

Share with us what do you think that the drive-in concept can be used on which kind of event! Don't be shy!

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