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8 Great Advantages Of Neon Signs That Your Business Need It

Neon signs have been helping business owners stand out for decades. Though you’d think the novelty would have worn off by now, they’re still as effective as ever. Today’s post spotlights 8 great benefits that neon signs have offered business owners.

1.High Visibility

Neon signs are a luminous, eye-catching trick to any business front that will make a big difference for your visibility. Since our eyes are naturally drawn to color and light in the dark, Having a neon sign will instantly boost your impressions, even on a crowded avenue filled with fierce competitors. Neon signage is particularly useful for small business owners trying to announce their arrival.

2.Design Freedom

One big benefit of neon signage is its potential for customization. This medium gives you incredible options for logo design. Businesses owners will be able to design neon signs in almost any shape and colour. If we can’t do it in-house, we’ll help you find somebody who can. Don’t settle for stock images!

3.Nighttime Functionality

Neon signs make it possible for businesses to operate at night. Though you can set up extra lighting to illuminate your existing signage, upgrading to neon is generally a more cost-effective option, both in terms of the installation and upkeep.

4.Cheap and Energy-Efficient

Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element in the universe after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon. Given its mass abundance, it should come as no surprise that neon signage is so affordable. Since they have no filament, neon electrodes operate cool to the touch, which means they don’t waste much electricity at all. This is also why they tend to outlast light bulbs. Buy neon, save on bulb replacements!

5.Wide Operating Range

In addition to being very durable, neon signs enjoy a wide operating range, which means they will be safe in cases where line voltage is subject to brownouts and surges.

6.Long Lifespan

When properly built and maintained, neon signs can last 10-12 years. When you consider that the bulbs require very little upkeep and traditional light signs can fail after as little as 6 months, the value of neon signage is clear.

7.Easy Setup

Neon signs can be set up in no time at all, which means you can start to reap the benefits right away.

8.Attract Consumers

Consumers have been conditioned to give neon signs of their attention. We look for neon signs to ascertain whether businesses are open and also to spot promotions, and you can use this consumer conditioning to your advantage. From the moment you install your neon sign, you’ll catch the eyes of passersby.

There you go! 8 best reasons why you should consider about neon signs for your business!

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