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Creative Entertainment Ideas That Your Corporate Events Can Use

We all have that moment where we crush our skull for planning creative event entertainment ideas that attendees will enjoy. However, there are lots of budget-friendly options that will compliment your main event agenda and create memorable experiences for your guests.

Here are a few creative activities you can implement or use as a jumping-off point to inspire your own unique event entertainment ideas. Learn more about the ways in which leading event brands engage attendees in a fun, interesting activities and how you can customize each idea to fit your needs. 

1. Host a mocktail competition.

It could be pretty fun to see where participants create a tasty(or abomination) mixed drink in 10 minutes or less. Judges award points based on taste, creativity, and presentation. Winners receive prizes such as a free service upgrade from your brand or a gift certificate for a related product. 

Assemble a stage with as many as 10 individual creation stations. Then, give each participant a set amount of ingredients. Include at least one unusual item such as edible gold, asparagus, or chocolate chip ice cream to spark their creativity.


Each contestant should make one drink for the judges to portion out and share. Besides ice, all you have to buy is a liquid drink base such as lemonade or soda plus three other ingredients.

Heating it up:

Challenge competitors to recreate your CEO’s favourite beverage. Or limit their ingredients to ones that are the same colours as your logo. 

2. Plan a mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a 10 to 30 minute guided meditation in a quiet room to help recenter and relax participants.  

All you need for this idea is an activity leader and comfortable seating. Hire a professional mediation teacher or have your host play a pre-recorded meditation from an app such as Spotify. For seating, use floor cushions, yoga mats, and blankets.


This corporate event entertainment idea is free if you use a volunteer or free mindfulness meditation download to lead the session. Invite attendees to bring their own yoga mats, blankets, or pillows. 

Customize it:

Substitute meditation for a positive affirmation journaling session or a light office yoga workout if you think your audience would prefer it. 

3. Bring in local live music

Local live music from singers or instrumentalists is a great idea for planners who want to introduce attendees to regional culture. Tying your event to an area artist will also boost your brand’s local SEO, which is important if you want to reach 46% of Google users who prioritize local events and services. 

All you need for this corporate event idea is a performance area and musicians. They usually bring their own equipment but they may need help with setup. 


Depends on the musician charging fees

Customize it:

If your brand is expanding into a new market, celebrate that country’s culture through music or some other region-specific artform. 

4. Organize a rapid-fire challenge

Rapid-fire challenges are competitions based on trivia, games, or physical challenges that can be done in ten minutes or less. The activity can be anything from painting your company’s logo to cosplay SpongeBob SquarePants(why not?). Contestants compete for prizes or bragging rights. 

You just need a timer, at least one judge, and activity materials for your chosen rapid challenge. Use a timer app on your phone and grab a volunteer to host and explain the rules. 


Rapid-fire challenges such as relay races or minute to win it games are free or cheap if you use materials you have around the office. 

Heating it up:

Choose a challenge that is relevant to your industry. For example, if your company specializes in graphic design for Facebook advertising, challenge participants to make a themed Facebook banner in 5 minutes or less. 

5. Offer a fun personality analysis workshop

A personality analysis workshop uses popular tools such as Myers Briggs for self-reflection and to facilitate more productive interpersonal relationships. 

Use a free digital assessment tool or a downloadable personality quiz. Then, go through results with your participants and explain what each outcome means. Host an open discussion about the challenges of group work and how attendees can use their results to improve communication with their colleagues. 


This idea won't cost much if you choose to print out the tests and distribute writing utensils to less than 50 participants. Alternatively, ask attendees to access the assessment online through their personal devices. 

Customize it:

Create your own personality quiz based on common professional or customer personas you regularly interact with. Make it with free tools such as Outgrow or Interact which also allow you to add custom branding and colours. 

Now that you know at least five ways to entertain and delight attendees at corporate events it’s time to start planning your next gathering.

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