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Difference Between Hybrid Events And Virtual Events?How To Decide Which One Is More Suitable For You

So what exactly is a hybrid event? It certainly sounds and seems alike to virtual event? Let me walk you through the difference between hybrid and virtual events. Before starting to differentiate it, let’s define……

What Is A Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event basically is one that consists of both physical and digital elements, making it sort of tailored made for the audiences to obtain optimal experiences. Hybrid events mainly being set up physically and hosted virtually. No audiences will be at the event venue.

And What Is A Virtual Event?

Virtual event is an event that connects people from all around the world virtually. It does not require any physical form of event set up as everything will be done and carried out digitally with just 1 green screen

What Is The Difference?

Set Up

For Hybrid Events, it is usually set up with an LED screen as background with stunning lighting and sound system whereas Virtual Events are just set up with greenscreen. Moreover, Hybrid Events can be designed using props but Virtual Events can only rely on animation and graphic

Budget Spent

The budget spent for both hybrid and virtual events are very different despite the fact that both are hosted virtually. Hybrid Events take many things into consideration such as venue, lighting, sound system, led screen and props which are usually the main components of the event. For Virtual Events, the budget will be spent on animation, green screen, graphic and content.

Look And Feel

Hybrid Events are more likely to look more realistic due to the fact that it is being set up physically. However, it does not necessarily mean that Virtual Events are not as good as Hybrid Events as Virtual Events consist of stunning animation effects that are mind blowing.


Hybrid events’ limitation is it can only be decorated with props whereas for virtual events, there are endless possibilities. You can play around with different animations. You think it we make it.

Event Flow

Set Up Stage, Lighting, Sound, Props > Live Streaming

Hybrid Events usually start with setting up a stage with stunning lighting and sound system. Decorate with props available , then only proceed to live streaming.

Green Screen Recording > Video Editing Software >Touch Up> Final Output (Production)

Well for virtual event’s flow, it is exactly the same as what we had mentioned in our previous article. If you want to know more, do not hesitate, just click the link below and it will bring you to the article.

Ultimately, knowing which event is the most suitable one lies on these few factors; the size of your event, budget and location. There is no definite answer to “which type of event is better ?” It entirely depends on one's own preference. These are all the differences between Hybrid Events and Virtual Events.


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