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Mistakes that you should avoid while working from home

Now not long ago if you were following our Facebook(if you haven't, do it now), we just post 7 tips to stay on track while working from home(WFH). It's actually very important than you expect to keep professionalism in check especially your commute is as short as your bedroom to your living room.

“People often think that they can get away with a lot of things when they’re behind closed doors and computer screens, But the reality is that professional communication is professional communication, regardless of whether or not technology is there to facilitate it.”

- Debra Benton

With that said, here are some of the mistakes that people should avoid when you work from home so that you could always in your "A" game shape every time.

1. Remember your smile

Nobodies like to see a serious/poker face while having a video conference and did you know that a smile is actually audible through the phone too? Well, you better believe it. Here, give it a try saying the word "Cheese Wiz". Your lips are parted only slightly and the corners of the mouth turned up so that your smile will come through in your tone. But most importantly, just remember put the smile on alright guys?

2. Suit up!

it’s just as important to dress the part at home as it is at the office, particularly on days when you have important calls or, of course, video conferences. Looking good gives you a sense of confidence that no pair of pyjamas can ever impart. At other times, particularly when you might be visible on camera, it is about others. C'mon now, respect other's eyes.

3. Avoid having bad posture

Bad posture will result in boredom and bad attitude, It makes you look tired or loser-like. Try this: arrange a chair in front of your computer screen, close enough to a surface where you can rest one arm asymmetrically. Over the back of your chair works, or resting on a table.

4. Check your surrounding

A huge mistake is the casualness of your presentation, especially about your backdrop. Take a look around, is there a bra on your chair? Is there any trash in the room that shouldn’t be there? You want to strive for a clean, uncluttered backdrop.

5. Terrible props get you in trouble

Even an innocent slip can get you in trouble on-camera. For example, it is normal to get a glass of water on hand during a video conference, but don't use a beer mug as your glass. It would create misunderstand that makes others think you're drinking during the job which is kinda awkward.

Other props such as personal care products, children's toys or your bill should stay out of it too.

6. Don't say no in your emails

By all means, if you have to say 'no', please have the first conversation over the phone instead of inside your email.

Any communication you need to have from home that is considered critical should be first addressed on the phone. This allows you to clarify any issues in real-time. “Consider this the golden rule of online communication.”

7. Your email content does matter

First, your emails too long lah. Every request you make to a colleague, employee or client over the phone or video conference should be included in an individual email. Do this helps your colleagues to keep each task straight and also helps you to follow up on each important issue.

Secondly, your emails are too short lah. Avoid responses like “what?” or “ok,” or “k,thx,bye”. Instead, use “great idea, go for it!” “I really appreciate your time!” or “please help me to understand what you really mean.” Use appropriated words will ya?

8. Is your house having a party? I hope not

Working from home is easy to become numb to the noise happening in your own house and getting used to them is a mistake as the people on the other end of the phone line or computer screen certainly will hear it too. This will undermine your credibility.

If a “home” noise does pop up while you’re in the middle of business, our best advice would improvise the current situation. You could brush off your dog barking(assume you have one) by using "Even my dog has an opinion on this subject". Think fast.

9. Forgetting the handshake

Handshake on a video conference or a phone? That seems like nonsense right. We quite regularly skip this step in an online setting. This is a huge mistake.

There is a thing calls "virtual handshake". Start every email or phone conversation by discussing something that’s important to the other person—it could be their family, a recent event or business travel to set the tone of pleasantry and cooperation.

10. You think you are alone

When we think we’re alone, it’s so easy to multi-task while working from home like doing laundry while on a conference call. We will lose focus as we take on more and more personal tasks with professional ones at the same time. This is a bad habit. Your loss of focus will show, and the others will feel it.

Ta daaaaaa. There you go, some of the mistakes you might wanna avoid while work from home. We hope that these tips will help you and keep your professionalism in line. If you like this post, like it and share among your friends to let them know too.

Thanks for reading! Much love! see you guys on the next post. Stay safe everyone!

OH! Remember to wash your hands!

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