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Product Launching Flow

Product Launching Flow

This article is to show you how to carry out a proper product launching event. The mind map above has clearly shown the overall flow of a product launching event by listing out the things for you to take note of and be included in each phase. Just a quick brief, an outstanding product launching event has 3 important and unskippable phases which we will guide you through as we move forward.

Introduction/ Activation of the Event (Phase 1)

Phase 1 includes these 3 elements: Introduction of Event, Company and Founder.

In the beginning, we will suggest you to introduce your event to the audiences so that they know the focal point and the flow of the event.

Introduction of Event

  • Welcome Speech: Not just about welcoming the guests but to also show gratitude towards them for attending the event

  • Short Brief Agenda of the Day: To give a brief introduction of the events agenda so that the participants know the flow of the event


  • Company Background: Mission, Vision and Types of industry

  • Past Achievement and Experience: Portfolio of the company which includes accomplishment and achievement


  • Founder Introduction: Allows the guests to have an idea of the identity and achievement of the founder

Main Highlight of the Day/ Interaction (Phase 2)

Phase 2 consists of these 5 elements: Interaction with Product Appearance, Performance, Special Guest Appearance, Price Reveal and Interaction with Crowd.

This is the part where we would advise you to put more effort in presenting your product and showcase its distinctive features. The whole process has to be eye-catching in order to make it unforgettable for the audiences.

Product Appearance

  • Product Inspiration: The origin of the product. Where does the idea come from? How is it being created?

  • Product Review: Let the participants to determine whether there is any issue with the product, hence they know what to expect when they get their hands on the product

  • Details Specification: The specs of the product. For example, assume the product is a phone, then the details specification will be about the inner hardware and software of the particular product


  • It can be dancing/ singing/ any performance related to the theme

Special Guest Appearance

  • Interaction with spokesperson, ambassador, artistes and more

Price Reveal

  • Price Announcement: Let the audiences know the confirmed official pricing of the product

  • Place: The guests get to know where they can purchase the product

Interaction with Crowd

  • Lucky Draw: To increase the engagement, interaction and involvement of the participants

  • Unboxing Session: Allow the audiences to see the products on hand

Engagement/ Retain (Phase 3)

Phase 3 only have 2 elements: Experience Zone and Press Conference with Media

In this phase, we would suggest you to treat it the same as phase 2 so that everything just clicks together (From Phase 1 to Phase 3). This last phase is to cement the place and impression of the product deep down in the participants’ heart which will eventually lead them to put the product into their shopping carts.

Experience Zone

  • Open for participants to try the new product

Press Conference with Media

  • Interview with spokesperson, ambassador, artistes and more to know more about the product launching


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