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Products that Highlight and Promote Your Event which you didn't realize

Hey guys, so whether your event is a product launching, concert, exhibition, or fair, having a booth or tables is a great opportunity to connect with customers, promote products, and build brand awareness. Get hype and make sure you entertain the people when they stop by. Not only will they stay around longer, but also can generate a crowd-pulling effect so others are curious about what you’re offering.

To have people stop and look, below are a list of products that we recommend to help your event booth become the spotlight and increase foot traffic.

Hand Out Event Flyers

Create a buzz and generate awareness with event flyers. Hand them out alongside your event table or on the property to drive traffic to your vendor booth. Highlight important information about your business, product, and services. The primary job of event flyers is to inspire people to stop by your booth.

Tip: Don’t overdo it by including too much information. You’ll want to make sure that the information is easy to read since flyers are read on the move.

Eye-Catching Event Banner and Posters

Whether at a large or small event, people need to be able to find you. Print a large vinyl banner or posters so people won’t miss your booth. Make your presence known while making your area inviting. When designing a banner or poster, keep it clean and easy to read. Coordinate the design with the colours of your business logo for brand recognition. Passers-by will use the banner and event posters to identify you and point others in your direction.

Tip: Define the purpose of your banner. Depending on the goal, the message can be all text, or it can include images and text. Most importantly, ensure your customized banner and poster can grab people’s attention.

Business Cards on Hand

Make sure you have plenty of business cards on hand. Not only will you be handing them to people, but they’ll also grab them off the table. If you’re handing out a goodie bag, make sure you place one in each bag. If you’re selling a product, put them in the bag of the purchase. The business card design needs to have a professional look and match your business brand. Choose from a variety of sizes and options to fit your needs.

Tip: Offer a discount or coupon code on the business card for people to use once they leave the event.

Custom Stickers

Everyone loves receiving free stickers. They’re a perfect inexpensive promotional product to have on hand to pass out to attendees. With stickers, you can create excitement while getting people talking about your brand and products. Stickers can be a cost-effective marketing vehicle for you and your business. They allow your logo and message to stick around while receiving countless impressions.

These are just a handful of products that can help you get noticed. Keep in mind, be creative, and have fun! We offer additional products to promote your event.

When you are preparing for an event, what products do you use? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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